Reputable Home Buyers In DC, Virginia, & Maryland

The House Guys are honest, fair, and fast… and don’t you forget it! 🙂

We are a no-nonsense house buying company known for our honest and fair offers. If we made lowball offers, we would not be in business…

It is in our best interest to make you the highest possible cash offer because that is how we will beat our competition and satisfy every homeowner! 

Our entire business is based on buying houses around DC, Virginia, & Maryland.

If we can’t make fair offers, then we can’t buy houses.

We keep our rehabs simple and work with local contractors to keep the cost of repairs low. 

What does this mean for the me?

We can offer you more for your house putting extra money in your pocket. Learn more about our unique home buying process.

Do you take a cut?

As a cash home buying company, we have to make a profit on each home in order to stay in business. 

We simply can’t work for free no matter how much we love what we do everyday. 

We have fun helping homeowners out of less-than-ideal situations and taking on renovation projects, big or small!

As legitimate home buyers, we are fully registered and compliant in accordance to all the statues and limitations with the Commonwealth Of Virginia as well as Washington DC and Maryland. We operate by the rules because we have nothing to hide! The House Guys are fully transparent.

South of Maine is our LLC that encompasses The House Guys.

As you can see The House Guys do things the right way. Our website is a direct reflection of the pride we take in our business.

A Great Business Leads To Great Reviews!

Our business is fun for us because we love what we do! With that, we take every homeowner very seriously and treat all with respect.

All of our happy customers are due to our fair offers and our positive attitude with every home sale. Our reviews speak for themselves!

We are not some big, boring corporation! The House Guys are two real people just like you. We take ourselves seriously as we stand for the reputation of our business while still having fun. 🙂

We are committed to closing on your house and putting cash in your hand when you need it! 

As a small team of two, we keep busy through all of the different roles from acquiring properties to overseeing the renovations to marketing and keeping our website fresh.

And by the two of us doing all of the work, we can make our cash offers higher. There are only 2 of us to pay instead of an entire team!

We take pride in our business and make sure to reflect that not only through our website but with every interaction we have with homeowners.

When we began, we balanced full time jobs with house flipping as a side hustle, which showed us how much we could take on and accomplish. We guarantee you won’t find another cash home buyer who works even twice as hard as we do to make sure you’re satisfied.

We don’t need to say we’re number one because the proof is in the pudding. 🙂

We Operate 100% Ethically

Every homeowner deserves a fair and honest offer. We do not change our offers based on your situation. From our initial conversation on the phone to when we close on your house, we promise to be genuine and ethical. We are a small, local business you can count on!

As legitimate cash home buyers in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland, we are happy to make you an offer for your property. If you are feeling stuck in your home, or don’t have energy to make repairs, or refuse to work with an agent, or face financial struggles, or any other situation, we may just be the best solution for you

We make honest and fair cash offers to provide you with a hassle free home sale.

We always remain flexible around your schedule.

You are not just a number with The House Guys— we are here for you and want to see genuine happiness with each and every home sale!

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Washington DC Metro Area’s Trusted Cash Home Buyers!

South of Maine LLC, The House Guys value honesty, integrity and transparency. We eliminate all of the drawbacks that come with selling your house the traditional way. We do not rely on lender financing– we have our own cash. We buy as-is and close on your timeline. Unlike agents, we do not charge commission or fees. If you need to sell your house in VirginiaWashington DC, or Maryland fast, we truly believe we are a great option!

Thank you for choosing us. We are here for you!

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